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Cohen Pleads GUILTY

Lock him up!

Michael Cohen, famously Trumps top lawyer, had this to say about lying to congress about the Trump Moscow Project - which he also admitted was in the works up to the middle of 2017 "I made these statements to be consistent with Individual-1's political messaging and out of loyalty to Individual-1,"... Individual-1 is understood to be President Donald Trump. Cohen is the 33rd person Mueller has charged in this "witch hunt" (thats A LOT of witches!).

Nobody is Above the Law!

It's MUELLER time.

BREAKING: PROTESTS CALLED FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 5 PM LOCAL TIME Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller's boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation.

Manafort Pleads GUILTY

Who is going to jail next? Hint: look up.

Paul Manfort, previously Trump campaign chair (5 months), has pleaded guilty to two charges - conspiracy against the US, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The deal includes 46 MILLION dollars of asset forfeiture - essentially paying for what Trump previously called a "witch hunt" (which previous to this had 5 GUILTY pleas, and 17 indictments), and for Manafort to be a cooperating witness. U.S. District Court judge Amy Berman Jackson was presented with “I plead guilty” by Paul Manafort, and his plea has been accepted.

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Idea for snap/housing/government Assistance programs

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Dear Mr President Trump, I am in regards to the food stamp, housing ssdi issues ect. So many people where I live in cheyenne wy have really nice homes for little to no money a month because they can't afford it some people really truly can't afford housing but others I feel abuse the system you can tell by the cars they drive, clothes they wear, stuff they own. I have seen people on public housing section 8 driving Denalis, Mustangs Camaros Hummers very expensive cars. Dressing and brand new clothes all the time wearing Jordans that cost $130 etc. How can people that can't afford their own food and housing afford this type of luxury? It's crazy the type of stuff that I see where i live people have even wrote our Governor Matt Mead about it still nothing has been done. I am on ssdi not by choice I would love to work again and provide for my family. I have a son it's hard only making 1,000 a month when I use to make double or triple that. I think about going back to work every day because I'm not a lazy person I have Ambitions and dreams but there is no way that I can perform a job right now. I don't receive any other government assistance. Please don't take that away from my family. I do have a great idea on how to fix this problem with snap or food stamps limit what is purchased like WIC does for example you can buy box cake mix but not a cake from the bakery. You can buy generic but not name brand items. Fruits and vegetables but not organic. I mean if you require the other stuff then you're going to have to supply for yourselves. I also think it can be reduced a lot at that point. With housing i think unless your on dissablitity and fixed income that should only be a stepping stone for about 2-3 years also shouldnt be for anyone with a felony. An if you don't pay taxes, or receive government assistance ( housing food stamps ect) then you have to file your taxes and whatever you get back goes back into the government . For example someone with three kids is now getting back $12,000 and is on housing food stamps and only pays $50 in rent because they are on housing, housing doesn't recognize your tax return so all that money is yours to spend on whatever you want. That would be $12,000 from every person with three children abusing the system. Then they could stay on it but it would be doubtful they would want to at that point they would want to get off of it so they would have their tax return Etc. Thank you Mr President for hearing my ideas. Thank you


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The insurance that I got right now won't cover for my cover for my Ms shots I need help to get my MS.

By Gerry Edwards


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