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Russians Revel

Putin' on the Ritz!

Things are really heating up with Russian collusion, after the President of the United States showed incredible weakness to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Press was allowed to ask questions after closed door (to Americans) meeting, where Trump showed the obedience of a lost puppy to the Russian leader, while bad mouthing the US and it's Security institutions. Russians and Avenatti are pretty much the only ones who never have a bad word. Wonder why?


Is it just a bunch of hot air?

The Trump draft of the "FART ACT" bill is written to abandon world trade rules and change the way the world does business with the United States. Trump and his administration have been meddling in the economy, but what is the end goal? Why would all of these horrible economic actions need to be taken of Trump really cares about the USA? Its possible he is taking orders from Putin, who would love to see the United States dissolved.

Michael Cohen

I do what I want.

CNN is saying: Michael Cohen must be making Donald Trump very nervous right about now, and they are probably right. Cohen, Trumps "fixer", had this to say "My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will ... I put family and country first.", which has fueled speculation that he will "turn" on Trump. Illegal activity, like paying hush money to Stormy Daniels, can be traced to Cohen - but the crimes do not stop there.

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A Concerned Citizen

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You are such a liar it is sickening this policy at the border is YOURS & that dispicable AG you appointed because you KNEW he would do this dirty deed I really wonder if any of you people have a heart beating inside your chest you make me sick to my stomach. As far as you erasing the nuclear threat from North Korea that is a joke just because you probably enticed Kim with delusions of grandeur by saying you would build "great condos & hotels" there does not mean he will take your bribe !!! I'm just speculating on what you probably promised him if he makes you a hero in your secret talks of course !I could sit here for hours & recite alk the wrongs you have done this country however YOU already know them Just what DOES Putin have on you ? The most egregious thing you have done is the way you treat our allies. I believe you are doing that at the behest of Mr. Putin . It is obvious to anyone with a brain what you are up to. You will be defeated in 2020 if you last that long We DEMOCRATS will make sure of that. SINCERELY A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Paul pepper's picture

For one thing u must be a liberal socialist Democrat president trump has fixed what Obama destroyed stock market and jobs has risen ur a stupid liberal.

By Paul pepper
Delois livingston's picture

Mr. President please stand firm the Democrats do not like the pressure because they don't want to do their job please stand firm and make them do their job or they can just get out all they want is to get rich as a low-income family I am tired of their Superior attitudes. And another thing why should our Senators get better Insurance then we can and a lot more income for life which we don't even get and most of them have never held a public job in their life.

By Delois livingston
Margaret Stewart 's picture

I am appalled to think that a citizen of this United States feels he or she can publicly post a letter like the above and not feel anything. Obviously they were not brought up to respect their elders or authority. One of the biggest problems with this country now. Kids not being brought up to respect anything at all. If you do not like the way things are being run then leave. A one way ticket can be bought!!!

By Margaret Stewart
Lindysue.'s picture

Mr. Trump...GIVE UP!!! are a national imbaristment to my country...You are not a CEO..YOU ARE WORKING FOR US!! This is not a DICTATORSHIP..IT IS WE THE PEOPLE. You sound uneducated in every way!! GIVE UP...PASS...LEAVE WITH SOME DIGNATING!! GO back to your failing businesses. THANK YOU...You don't have MY SUPPORT!!!

By Lindysue.


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