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Russians Revel

Putin' on the Ritz!

Things are really heating up with Russian collusion, after the President of the United States showed incredible weakness to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Press was allowed to ask questions after closed door (to Americans) meeting, where Trump showed the obedience of a lost puppy to the Russian leader, while bad mouthing the US and it's Security institutions. Russians and Avenatti are pretty much the only ones who never have a bad word. Wonder why?


Is it just a bunch of hot air?

The Trump draft of the "FART ACT" bill is written to abandon world trade rules and change the way the world does business with the United States. Trump and his administration have been meddling in the economy, but what is the end goal? Why would all of these horrible economic actions need to be taken of Trump really cares about the USA? Its possible he is taking orders from Putin, who would love to see the United States dissolved.

Michael Cohen

I do what I want.

CNN is saying: Michael Cohen must be making Donald Trump very nervous right about now, and they are probably right. Cohen, Trumps "fixer", had this to say "My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will ... I put family and country first.", which has fueled speculation that he will "turn" on Trump. Illegal activity, like paying hush money to Stormy Daniels, can be traced to Cohen - but the crimes do not stop there.

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This journalist who spoke of how he saw the president of the United States rs , Donald trump seemed to be a very superficial man . I would say safe to o say that Trump has only one real feeling and that is money, yes the importance of money hey to Donald Trump is of the single most important thing on this earth even more important then human life

By Traci Thomas


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