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Terrific Treason

Dowd Witness to Obstruction?

"We had a terrific relationship with Mueller — the best that I can recall in my 50 years of practice... It was terrific, completely open, people trusted each other, and we had no misunderstandings", is what Trumps former attorney John Dowd said after quitting Trump's legal team. News of potential pardons for Flynn and Manafort have also surfaced (but pardons require an admission of guilt).

Stormy Weather

Never Happened! Believe me!

Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, is still in need of money to help pay for legal fees so she can tell her story. To try and silence her, Trump and his legal team are after $20 MILLION of Stormys money, money that she worked HARD for. In opening this lawsuit they have confirmed the affair Donald had, shorty after Melania gave birth to Baron. Melania, who has adult pictures of her own, is in hiding. 

John Dowd Quits

America F$%& Yeah!

The lead lawyer for Donald Trump, John Dowd has resigned. Just hours after the announcement, Trump said he "would like to" testify in the investigation of 2016 Russian election interference. Cooperating with Special Counsel is fantastic news because Trump can finally tell his side of the story to American hero Robert S. Mueller III. The American people would love to see the testimony (and tax returns!).

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Anonymous's picture
Dear Donald, Just wondering how at your age and with the terrible bone spurs that helped you dodge the draft how you would have run toward an active shooter situation? Sincerely, Hod Swanson


David Boyer Vietnam vet's picture

Trump is a coward, he is the same man that belittles Goldstar parents, says a POW is not a hero and says a purple heart is easy to get. What an embarrassment to have his as our President. I earned a purple heart and it was not easy.

By David Boyer Vie...
tselan's picture

Open your ears and learn to listen. First , gold star parents do not get to hide there shame in their kids honor. We in this country believe in personal accomplishment , We do not indulge listening to parents defile everything their American hero son stood and fought for. Second he never said POW were not hero's. He said , he preferred his hero's to not be captured and then said McCain never did anything but get caught and has been a senator for thirty years because of it. Both very true. While I thank you for your time defending our country and would agree most purple harts are not easy to get. My uncle spent two years in a Japanese hospital after stepping on a mine to get his. I would also remind you, John Kerry got three in one month then threw them over the white house wall in protest. I guess his were not very hard to earn. which is if you were honest you know that is what he was talking about. Could you have earned three in a month? The only embarrassment I feel is from the people not supporting their country and its leader. It use to be if your guy did not win the election you still supported the other guy. You tried to help him do the best he could because his success was success for the country. Some where along the way we decided we no longer want to be a country , why?

By tselan


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