iGood morning Mr. President. I know you are a busy person but I have a couple of ideas I would like you to think about. 1. Start a lottery for Social Security. All winnings goes to SS. The government has taken millions and millions from us, so let’s put it back. Also figure a way that the government can not touch it. 2. This is not a money maker but it could. You know how it floods all over the USA, we move it, hire people to move the water. For ex. Lake Mead is very low, when it starts to rain. And predicting flood, we step in fill water tankers put into Lake Mead, there lake fills up and they become more profitable. Now who pays for this, the state of Nevada, insurance company, and government. Why insurance company, they would be paying if the land flooded along with the government. Nevada will profit from the lake. Think about it please.





No compromise on lottery, all goes to SS

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