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Cambridge Analytica

Just some light treason.

Cambridge Analytica was originally in the news for harvesting over 50 million Facebook profiles in a huge data breach. The story has shifted to the CEO, who was secretly filmed bragging about entrapping/blackmailing politicians, as well as other questionable activities. Now, Britain has a warrant to search their UK servers. The company worked with the 2016 Trump campaign, and on "Brexit".

Trade War / Recession

Terrible Twos.

Almost 2 dozen stores, with sales of about 1.5 Trillion, and tens of thousands of employees, have sent a letter to the White House indicating the recent tariff and trade talks are damaging. These Tariffs could cause problems - like a recession (OR TRADE WAR) - for their companies and others in the United States, if Trump  and Republican "leadership" continue down this wayward path. 

Mueller Trump Org Subpoena


The Russia investigation is really heating up. It is being reported that the Trump Organization has been Subpoenaed for Russia Documents by American HERO Robert Mueller.  Donald Trump Jrs' wife is suing him for an uncontested divorce. Vanessa and Jr were originally introduced by Trump Sr, and reconnected months later with Vanessa saying  You’re the one with the retarded dad!". Coincidence?

Welcome to, your place to leave an open letter to the 45th President of the United States. 

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How to lose my vote

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In banning bump,stocks and or raising the age to purchase rifles, you, sir lose my vote-Such actin means you are a liar and have violated my trust. Besides, both actions are stupid-how about raising the purchase eligibility age to, say, 80? That way very few crimes will take place! And what happens when I am able to pull the trigger on my rifle really fast? Approaching the rate a bump stock can make a weapon fire? Outlaw my finger? How stupid will this get? So, now a federal thug can kill someone because that person has a piece of plastic that makes a weapon fire fast- and I can guarantee you that will occur- Stupid-Oh well, we had such high hopes for you


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Wow you are bashing the best president we ever had, you are a special kind of idiot., look around you moron President DJTRUMP has done so much good and you, you little jackass need to shut your fat mouth'

By Millie Singerline
Millie Singerline 's picture

Anonymous you are a disgrace I guess you would of loved psycho Hillary or Obama scum as president they both belong in prison., you idiot!

By Millie Singerline


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