First - I’m a republican and business owner not a liberal . Not enough room here BUT politicians and so called experts and college professors seldom have a common sense approach to solving problems -usually instead developing complex , complicated and difficult to administer programs and/or policies. I worked in a high level government position and was amazed to see the waste of manpower and resources . It would be a HUGE blow to our national economy to send 11 million Mexicans back to Mexico. These are people who rent and by renting pay property tax , support landowners who own those rentals , buy food, cars , gas, clothes etc - all those things we all buy. Their children go to school . Send them all back and we have empty schools, teachers out of work, empty homes, grocers stores and other retail stores out of business. And who will mow our yards, build homes, clean houses etc. these are jobs no other race of people with higher education WILL NOT perform nor should someone with a college degree should do . There will always be lower paid jobs that should be done by someone . Construction jobs by the way are not low paid but our entitled younger generation of Caucasian’s don’t want to do dirty work . It’s just reality. There are simple solutions to the current illegal population . Call me and I’ll sit down and give you some ideas . This is not a crank letter . I’m a white us born 73 year old woman who still works every day. Marian poole 214-808-7039. PS I just watched Tom Hanks bawling while watching Oprah - please Lord save us





i would like to comment on immigration yeah illegal imigrants pay rent by cars and all of the above but they are breaking the law period nothing can overide the law not money fame or politics entering the united states illegally is breaking the law you can,t let some people break the law but others have to abide by the law it wouldn,t be fair ,also money dosent stop the drugs and murderers from bringing that lifestyle to the united states.illegals already have the mind state that so what if the so called cartels get in trouble in our country they will only get sent back to their country so that they can reenter america over and over again. are you excepting money from drug trade? well how can you support illegal dealings of any kind? young children are our future lets direct them properly ,and look at whats happening drug money lines pockets of police politicians and businesses in america ,we have drug dealers that will kill anyone for that cash so stop supporting anything illegal and your a politician see what is right in front of you the person that wrote immigration letter that i,m responding to is supporting illegal actions its in black and white

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