Dear Mr.President I hope you get to ready my letter. My dad was in united states Navy in 1963 to 1967 my sister and my brother were born during this time .I was born in 1969 .my dad Gerald strong sr got home from aboard USS Forrestal .We started watching my dad cut himself serval times when us kids were young back then.We never got help back then ,because help for families back then were non existent. My dad was paranoid skitafrankic and. were times were he take off and drive away to Florida we live in buffalo NY at that time and he stay in Florida for many weeks,and leaves us no food or money he take everything with him.We also got agent orange birth defect and the Veterans affairs would not honor are agent orange claims during Obama adminstration. My dad was 100% disabled Vietnam veteran .Mr. my dad died January 4, 2014 lost everything because took out this veteran life insurance in 1996 .The reason my dad died was because of Va scandal .I went to all my dads appointment for many years .I saw first hand how doctors treated him.the year before my dad's death he was complain of chest pain all year long.My dad died because poor health and neglect .I would like you to put my dads ashes in Arlington national cemetery if you do this for me it would be ahonor Sir.I didn't file atort claim because we lost everything dad had including a van that got repo four month after dad died.Please help my military family thank you letting me tell my true story...Gerald E Strong Jr




Help are military families

During the Obama administration the va scandal was going on for seven years he killed a lot of good veterans in which he could have caught it early enough.In aAugust of 2014 President Obama in front of many american legion people, he said he would help American military families in which he didn't keep his promise he lied .We never got help at all.Where hoping that you will help my family and other military families. Mr President my brother and sister and I all have PTSD because what we went Thur growing up with the problems with my dad .please help all i ask .

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