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Collusion Confusion?

This is all wrong.

Did President Trump admit to Russian collusion via tweet? "Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!". Colluding with Russia, a hostile enemy state is not "done all the time", and conspiring to rig an election is not legal.

Russians Revel

Putin' on the Ritz!

Things are really heating up with Russian collusion, after the President of the United States showed incredible weakness to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. Press was allowed to ask questions after closed door (to Americans) meeting, where Trump showed the obedience of a lost puppy to the Russian leader, while bad mouthing the US and it's Security institutions. Russians and Avenatti are pretty much the only ones who never have a bad word. Wonder why?


Is it just a bunch of hot air?

The Trump draft of the "FART ACT" bill is written to abandon world trade rules and change the way the world does business with the United States. Trump and his administration have been meddling in the economy, but what is the end goal? Why would all of these horrible economic actions need to be taken of Trump really cares about the USA? Its possible he is taking orders from Putin, who would love to see the United States dissolved.

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Our lovely city’s two hits

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Dear Mr. President, I am respectfully writing to have you consider a two part problem that has hit our lovely city of Anacortes, in Washington state. 1- Dakota Creek Shipyard has laid off most of it’s work force and facing peril as a result of a Jones Act mistake that looks like they will have to suffer selling a new state of the art fishing vessel at a great loss, likely to Russia. I am a workboat business owner and use their services, that are second to none. I also drive by every morning and no longer see full parking lots that were always sprinkled with new vehicles with temporary licenses. Dakota Creek Shipyard has been trying to be heard in senate to get a waiver so this new vessel can be sold to and worked by an American company and move forward, brining its workers back. 2- Cooke Aquaculture Pacific has also taken a large hit from State Of Washington, fueled by the Tribes, being shut down as a result of a site breakup that resulted in a release of fish that have been proven to be harmless in the wild, don’t affect natural stocks, and die of starvation. They represent a third of my companies’s work. They too have been laying off workers who depend on these jobs. The Atlantic Salmon are in great demand and if/when this company were to shut down, it would need to be imported from foreign outfits, not good. These two issues need to be heard and resolved to get lots of tax paying folk back to productive work and make our town thrive again. Perhaps you could pass the word on, over in your Washington. Thank You For Your Service And Consideration, Concerned tax payer


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