Aloha President Trump, I’ve been trying to speak with anyone in regard to Social Security Retirement. I filed for early retirement October 2017, I’ve worked most of my life from the age of sixteen give or take some years of which I started my family. I’ve retired 14 years plus with the federal government this past October, and now I have received a letter from social security stating that they cannot pay benefits beginning January 2018 because of my work. So I’ve been contacting numbers given for Hilo, Kapolei even leaving messages for eligibility workers with My Social Security and phone number as requested but NO One Person seems to care or return call. Mr. President, honestly I’m not a republican supporter but their are more issues that you’ve brought forward and did of which I agree strongly. Mr. President, I do feel Social Security needs to be over-hauled, cause waiting for 50 minutes or longer is ridiculous.




Error: incorrect date of

Error: incorrect date of retirement it’s November 2017 instead of October.

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