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Nobody is Above the Law!

It's MUELLER time.

BREAKING: PROTESTS CALLED FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 5 PM LOCAL TIME Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller's boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation.

Manafort Pleads GUILTY

Who is going to jail next? Hint: look up.

Paul Manfort, previously Trump campaign chair (5 months), has pleaded guilty to two charges - conspiracy against the US, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The deal includes 46 MILLION dollars of asset forfeiture - essentially paying for what Trump previously called a "witch hunt" (which previous to this had 5 GUILTY pleas, and 17 indictments), and for Manafort to be a cooperating witness. U.S. District Court judge Amy Berman Jackson was presented with “I plead guilty” by Paul Manafort, and his plea has been accepted.

FBI Cover-up?

Makin' dat money.

President Trump was involved in the decision to overturn years of planning and millions of dollars relocating the FBI headquarters. It would appear he wanted the headquarters to be closer to his new DC hotel, a decision made for personal gain (hoping for big FBI business in the future). "Last year, the Trump Administration inexplicably overturned years of work to move the FBI out of its structurally deficient headquarters and into a new location, wasting thousands of staff hours and millions of taxpayer dollars."

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Open Letters to Donald J Trump

The big fix for voting .

Dear Sir The real fix for most election crime is putting high definition video cameras in the poling stations to record the signature and face of the voter ..and send them in every night to a central location for safe keeping making back up copies ..then they can be used with the latest face recognition soft ware to see who's who and what's what that the real person ?do they lived in that state ? Are they dead or alive .have they voted multiple times are they legal ? .our right to privacy is limited to our homes if you can have cameras in Walmart and at stop lights put them in... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

I despise you

You are a sick piece of crap. It's amazing that you're still breathing. View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

One More Turn of the Screw

Dear Mr. President. I hope you are having an enjoyable flight to Paris. I loved your honest talk with the Press before you boarded the helicopter for your trip today. You are straightforward and not afraid to tell the truth! We have needed that strength for a long time. I encourage you to keep on turning the screw nationally and internationally, and especially in those of our Congress who have no spine at all! How quickly Europe forgets the Marshall plan which dug them out of the hole that Hitler put them in! Now they want an army to protect themselves from the U.S.! Indeed! You... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Perplexed, Confused, and Concerned

Dear Mr. President, Can you do this? Are you legally able to do this? Listen up: with one tweet less than 24 hours after the midterm elections, you ousted the head of the Justice Department and promoted his chief of staff in his place. Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney in Iowa who had been serving as Jeff Sessions’ top staffer in the Justice Department, is now acting attorney general. “He was very, very highly thought of, ”you told reporters Friday morning. “Matt Whitaker is a very smart man. He is a very respected man in the law enforcement community.” But Whitaker’s appoin... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

Roaming Hands Leave The Stands

Dear President Trump, I don't think you should revoke reporter's White House passes. However, I think you should have the questions pre-programmed. Or rather pre-asked. Or pre-screened. Yeah, that's it. Pre-screened. That way, there are no surprises. It may be censorship, but at least it doesn't make you come off looking like a hostile, defensive child. Defending your decision to revoke a CNN reporter's White House press pass, you said you may take the same action against other reporters who have questioned his administration. "It could be others also,"... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >