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Cohen Pleads GUILTY

Lock him up!

Michael Cohen, famously Trumps top lawyer, had this to say about lying to congress about the Trump Moscow Project - which he also admitted was in the works up to the middle of 2017 "I made these statements to be consistent with Individual-1's political messaging and out of loyalty to Individual-1,"... Individual-1 is understood to be President Donald Trump. Cohen is the 33rd person Mueller has charged in this "witch hunt" (thats A LOT of witches!).

Nobody is Above the Law!

It's MUELLER time.

BREAKING: PROTESTS CALLED FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 5 PM LOCAL TIME Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation. By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller's boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation.

Manafort Pleads GUILTY

Who is going to jail next? Hint: look up.

Paul Manfort, previously Trump campaign chair (5 months), has pleaded guilty to two charges - conspiracy against the US, and conspiracy to obstruct justice. The deal includes 46 MILLION dollars of asset forfeiture - essentially paying for what Trump previously called a "witch hunt" (which previous to this had 5 GUILTY pleas, and 17 indictments), and for Manafort to be a cooperating witness. U.S. District Court judge Amy Berman Jackson was presented with “I plead guilty” by Paul Manafort, and his plea has been accepted.

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Dear President Trump, I think it's a circumcision of freedom of speech. Why or why did they pull the immigrant ad?? Anti-Immigrant???? Anti???? Anti my foot. I don't think it was anti-immigrant at all. People need to hear about what's happening in our country. Yes, we are America. We are a melting pot. Yes, immigrants helped to build our country. But not just not Hispanic immigrant. Irish, German, Italian...people from all around the world have come to America to help shape her history. BUT. I say BUT with a big B, the truth has to be told. Not every immigrant is good. Just like not every person is good. The evil has to be exposed. The bad has to be exposed. Simple darwin biblical theory. So I got really upset when I found that NBCUniversal said Monday that it is pulling your immigrant campaign advertisement — hours after the spot ran prominently during “Sunday Night Football.” Fox News said it decided to stop running the commercial as well. The 30-second advertisement, which you unveiled last week, features images of long lines of people marching, evoking a group of migrants currently making their way through Mexico. The ad also contains footage of Luis Bracamontes, a man who killed two Northern California deputies in 2014 while he was in the country illegally. A voice-over on the advertisement then says: “America cannot allow this invasion. The migrant caravan must be stopped.” This was meant to target just a certain group of immigrants. Not all of them. Not even most of them. Just a small handful. Maybe the ad should've stated that. I don't know. But what I DO know is that this is ridiculous that it got pulled. The commercial, which many have branded as racist, then urges viewers to “vote Republican.” It concludes with your voice-over saying: “I am Donald Trump and I approve this message.” The ad ran one time during “Sunday Night Football,” a high-profile matchup between the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. “Sunday Night Football” draws among the highest ratings in television. The ad also was in the rotation Monday morning on cable news channel MSNBC. Fox News also distanced itself from the commercial. “Upon further review, Fox News pulled the ad yesterday and it will not appear on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network,” Marianne Gambelli, Fox News’ president of ad sales, said Monday in a statement. Some other news organizations, including CNN, refused to run the spot. NBC faced criticism for running the advertisement, which draws a direct line from immigrants to crime. Now NBC is having second thoughts about airing the commercial, which was paid for by the Donald J. Trump for President campaign committee. "After further review, we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and have decided to cease airing it across our properties as soon as possible,” an NBCUniversal spokesman said in a statement Monday. “It will cease to air on any properties moving forward, nationally or locally.” NBC is just scared to face criticism from the masses. That's all that is. One day they will see that you did more good than bad during your time as President. I can't wait when that light bulb goes off. I really can't. Patiently Waiting, Al Brown


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