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Firing Robert Mueller

Yeh Fiyad! Oh... wait. Witch Hunt!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Press Secretary to Donald Trump was asked: "Does Trump believe he has the power to fire Robert Mueller as special counsel?" with her replying "He certainly believes he has the power to do so." Unfortunately for Trump, he does not have that power - he will have to have Rod Rosenstein do the firing, or fire and replace him. CC Time!

Raiding Michael Cohen

Oh im sure its nothing.

Donald Trumps personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had a "no knock" warrant executed against his home, a hotel he is staying at, and his business. It has been indicated that the FBI is investigating payments made for the silence of several women, including Stormy Daniels.

Alex van der Zwaan

Make Prison Great Again?

Who is Alex van der Zwaan and what does his 30 day sentence for lying mean? Alex, the son in law of a Russian Oligarch who owns Alfa Bank, lied to Special Counsel Mueller about the contact he had with Rick Gates (protege to Paul Manafort) and Russian intelligence officers/GRU. Zwaan recorded Gates and the member of the GRU and has plead guilty to lying. Collusion, from here on, is not "fake news".

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How to lose my vote

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In banning bump,stocks and or raising the age to purchase rifles, you, sir lose my vote-Such actin means you are a liar and have violated my trust. Besides, both actions are stupid-how about raising the purchase eligibility age to, say, 80? That way very few crimes will take place! And what happens when I am able to pull the trigger on my rifle really fast? Approaching the rate a bump stock can make a weapon fire? Outlaw my finger? How stupid will this get? So, now a federal thug can kill someone because that person has a piece of plastic that makes a weapon fire fast- and I can guarantee you that will occur- Stupid-Oh well, we had such high hopes for you


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Wow you are bashing the best president we ever had, you are a special kind of idiot., look around you moron President DJTRUMP has done so much good and you, you little jackass need to shut your fat mouth'

By Millie Singerline
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Anonymous you are a disgrace I guess you would of loved psycho Hillary or Obama scum as president they both belong in prison., you idiot!

By Millie Singerline


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