Dear President Trump, I am writing to you about legalizing marijuana. I have felt it should have been legal since the 70's. I also believe the only reason it hasn't been is because the career politicians couldn't figure out how to tax it. If our US Attorney General tries to do this...most of the people in this country are going to think he is a joke. I live in Middletown,Ohio. There are people around here dropping like flies from heroin overdoses. Everybody I know has been affected by this epidemic. Perhaps Mr. Sessions should spend some time trying to figure out what to do about that. Someone also needs to make the Pharmaceutical Companies be accountable for not even putting the meds in the pills they sell. I have also experienced that, personally. They say pot is a gateway drug. It would not be if people didn't have to go thru drug dealers to get it. I have dealt with alcoholism most of my life. I have always felt it is worse than pot. People don't get violent when they smoke pot. It is organic. What do you think the Indians were smoking in those peace pipes? No wonder they were so upset when the white man took their land. Pot has many medicinal uses, more than most people realize. It gave me hope when you were elected. I knew you were not a career politician, I like that you speak your mind and you really don't need to be bought. I was afraid to speak out about this in the past because I knew I would get into legal trouble. I am old enough now that I feel like I need to have a voice. I do not trust career politicians. Democrats and Republicans fight like children. It's time they put their big boy pants on and Unite. This is called the United States and they are the ones that are dividing this country. I thank you for your time. Please just consider what I have mentioned.





The states would make money instead of the big crooked pharmaceutical companies. I am tired of watching people be the testers and a couple years later finding out what they took causes something worse than what they had to begin with.

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