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Trump Ongoing Investigations

Follow the money!

Trump may be doing "victory laps" for now, but his numerous investigations are not over. For instance, the Southern District of NY currently has ongoing investigations into the Trump family and their business practices. State level crimes can not be pardeoned by the Federal Government, so this could be very promblematic for the office of the President down the line. There are still so many unanswered questions about "Trump University" (which Trump had to pay a 25 MILLION dollar settlement), his charity shifting funds to for profit ventures , and others. It is back to "reality", now.

The Mueller Report

Womp Womp.

While we, and presumably Donald Trump himself, can only speculate what is in the Muller report, his Attorney General made a rash decision to release HIS thoughts on the report, but not the report itself. Nearly half of American polled indicated they think Trump obstructed the Russian probe. While we wait for the full report to be released, to fully exonerate the President, it is important to keep in mind that Mueller and his team are not legally allowed to speak about the matter. That makes the conversation VERY ONE SIDED, dont you think? The full report should be released so everyone can make up their own minds. How about releasing those tax returns as well?

Healthcare 2020

Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?

The Republicans and Donald Trump want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and replace it with something new. It is possible they do not want to replace it at all, and to let those who are poor or elderly die in the streets. Trump tweeted "The Republican Party will become “The Party of Healthcare!”", while hoping to gut protections for  tens of millions of Americans. In February, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 50% approval for the ACA, it has been more popular since OBama has left office.  

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Impeachment fiasco.
2/08/20 9:43am
Dear Mr. President. I was so thankful of your aquital, (false and untrue). God has given you strength to overcome all their lies and hatred. One thing, I wished you had shaken Pelosi’s hand to show you were the real Christian. But you were always doing the right thing for all Americans.I pray...
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2/06/20 12:56pm
I am going straight to the point. You will NEVER be the man like Senator Romney. I am going to describe you in your very own words ....SON OF A BITCH...and that was the only time you did not LIE. I hope that every night your are haunted by your life and how your family will suffer for it.
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1/15/20 10:27am
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Dear Mr. President
1/05/20 10:24am
Dear Mr. President, I am a woman, I will once again vote for you in 2020. I lost my husband almost 12 years ago and I work 5 days a week. Not that it matters but I am 65 and live alone. I had no one tell me who to vote for, my vote for you was because, I felt from watching you that you were the...
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Stop the gun violence
12/28/19 9:52pm
Dear President Trump, You have to stop this gun violence. A good friend was killed tonight. A 17-year-old Denver boy has been murdered after being shot dead inside the JCPenney mall at Town Center at Aurora, Friday, Colorado authorities and a report said. Friends confirm Nathan Poindexter was...
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