I take care of my 96 year old father who was in WWII and survived a kamakazi air strike to his ship. He's a strong patriotic man. My dad is a true gentleman. Never did I believe that dad would be a believer in medical marijuana. I started him on it 17 months ago when the doctors put him on oxycodone for pain. Dad almost died with the side effects of the medicine. He also has COPD and was on oxygen 24 hours day. Dad was hospitalized every 3 to 4 months before I started him on marijuana. His health has improved in that he can go several hours a day without oxygen now. He only goes to doctor for check ups every 6 months or longer. Dad sleeps better and is better. Don't take his marijuana away. Dad take capsules and vape pipe. It's very expensive but I am willing to work extra jobs to provide the capsules. He only takes capsules at night. All drugs and alcohol have people who abuse them. Good people who take responsibly should not be punished.




Jeff Sessions

President Trump Please do not let Jeff Sessions Get away
with not letting the people have a choice. People have not died
smoking Herb. People are sick of taking harmful drugs, Children that have had and are having multiple seizures are actually living normal lives. If this law is passed all the states that have been selling marijuana are going to loose out on all the Tax dollars the have been collected help pay for Building our Roads, Education, You know within 5 years it will be over a Billion. Why is Sessions doing this? He knows Nothing about Marijuana and the Benefits. People who don't like Marijuana will not buy it as it always has been, President Trump Overturn what Sessions has done, other wise it will go back underground. All the States could benefit from the sales. Sessions is not a very smart man .. He seems obsessed with getting rid of marijuana . He is going to hurt so many Businesses, and people. Get Rid of products that Really hurt people Jeff Sessions! Not Marijuana this has never killed anyone, and doesn't make people violent like Drinking. People Voted for you because you approved of Marijuana, This man is upsetting the USA .. He needs to get a real Life. What Beef does he have with this Herb? He never smoked a joint in his life I might realize just how harmless it is. I am sure. People of all walks of life smoke this Herb. I think Obama did 1 thing right. We as people are sick of The Government who takes everything away when ever they have power like Sessions.. He is not the peoples favorite person anyway I Hope you do not let him get away with this, You are a Great Man and President, God Bless You and your family Make America Great. Elizabeth

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