Our county has suffered numerous fires, our tax base, due to lost homes, and therefor, lost property tax, which is income desperately needed, has disappeared. Our situation is so desperate that the county supervisors are having community meetings asking for public input to try and help determine how to manage the finances of a county that does not have enough resources to survive. We need your financial guidance and help. We can't eliminate the very people that have worked so hard to keep us afloat for as long as we have, they are important to all of us also. I think we need a grant that will get us through the next two fiscal years, then we can, pull ourselves up, by the boot straps and , make ourselves solvent. If we could put a financial package together for a two year period, will you help us? Can I call you at 7:30PM PST, on Monday the 8th, during the meeting, so I can prove to the people of Lake County the Federal Government and you, Donald Trump, are on our side. Respectfully Submitted




The Lake County Post

I didn't thing we were supposed to give our name or other personal information, but I would prefer if I could, so I wrote post.

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